Arizona Seal Coaters

Bob Carfagno - Owner 3665 W. Gailey Dr
Tucson, AZ 85741

Categories: Construction, Home Improvement

Arizona Seal Coaters is an Asphalt Sealing company, we specialize in driveways, parking Lots, shopping malls, roadways, highway shoulder and walkways both residential and commercial. With a MasterSeal MTR Coating applied, we not only beautify your Asphalt but more importantly we protect and preserve your asset, (Asphalt). "We Cover your Asphalt"

We also now provide Concrete Sealing & Coating. We use SealMaster Concrete Products, Environmentally Friendly 100% acrylic water based clear drying emulsion designed to seal and protect concrete against water, salt, and oil damage. For color coating concrete we use an epoxy coating.

Bob Carfagno
Bob Carfagno
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